RT @TaskandPurpose: The executive director of @servicewomen is breaking down legal barriers for women in the military | http://t.co/gwpFUN7…
President Obama, Stand With Victims of Sexual Assault and Fix the Broken Military Justice System http://t.co/VZdpf85Usf via @HuffPostPol
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Could #Obama choose a woman as next #Defense secretary? "This would be a huge step forward," says SWAN's @anubhagwati http://t.co/brGxg7m5v5
RT @AnuBhagwati: POTUS needs to consider welfare of service women in nominating a new SecDef. #CombatIntegration #MilitaryJustice @servicew
RT @starsandstripes: Pres. @BarackObama is currently speaking about #Hagel's resignation as Secretary of Defense. Visit http://t.co/pceJ0RA…
Test run suggests women can meet #Army #Ranger standards http://t.co/OAioNICMIZ via @usatoday
RT @gregjacob01: @TaskandPurpose A much needed step: Friday, @VFWHQ changed its charter to include women http://t.co/Uz147tkSWb @servicewom
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Final barriers to #women joining #combat units will fall over the next 12 months http://t.co/jigXA12WwU
Congresswoman @RepCorrineBrown Elected Ranking Member on House Committee of Veterans' Affairs http://t.co/y6uptPcXv1
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#AirForce working on plans to allow #women to compete for last 7 male-only jobs in the service #combatintegration http://t.co/r2dSewT9vp
#Hagel Visits Female #Marines Training for Combat Roles http://t.co/f0UVFCLcXV via @Militarydotcom
Hagel views integration of #women into combat units as civil rights issue #combatintegration http://t.co/nJEbjz9Epn
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RT @gregjacob01: @usairforce Sec hopes 100% of Air Force jobs will be open to women in a year and a half http://t.co/0fFtTbUgtm @servicewom
Judge asks how many jobs are still off limits to women and whether DoD will meet SecDef's 2016 deadline for integrating #WomenInCombat.
Women #Veterans Face Uphill Battle to Get Health Care #fixVA #battleforbenefits http://t.co/ai2XZW8ZfQ
New training will ask #Marines to question their unconscious gender biases as combat jobs open to #women http://t.co/sit15WlkTl
Want to have a hand in helping service women? Help shape the future of SWAN's advocacy by sharing your thoughts: https://t.co/6o2X6niAwR
#Female #Navy #Vet suffers #military sexual trauma, finds comfort in comedy http://t.co/pufbqxmzoS via @kpcc
'Blame-The-Victim' Culture May Discourage #Female #Vets From Seeking Help For Trauma http://t.co/sj2LE4Z44M via @HuffPostWomen
Here’s What Happened During One Survivor's Military Sexual Harassment Investigation http://t.co/732IVYDq13 via @alivingiano @buzzfeednews
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RT @gregjacob01: First woman to lead @AmericanLegion says #military should "stop sweeping sexual assaults under the rug" http://t.co/yrLEMy…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Dear veterans: may be you safe and protected, happy and healthy, and may you live with ease and joy, on this and every day…
RT @womenjustice: After filing a petition to the IACHR on behalf of 20 survivors, the Center continues to highlight the issue of #mst at th…
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Michelle Obama cheers on women #veterans http://t.co/zSqgXpR930 via @navytimes
RT @ArielaMigdal: Happy Birthday to #MarineCorps. Will this be the year you officially recognize women as Infantry Marines? #marinesbirthda
RT @jacqklimas: Did you miss #VA Secretary McDonald on @60Minutes last night? You can see the interview here: http://t.co/ElruVzSvTy
RT @asharding: @jobean_1964 @servicewomen Health concerns women vets face, as well as issues with access to medical care.
RT @asharding: @servicewomen Seeking women veterans to interview for an article I'm writing for Everyday Health. Please respond if interest…
RT @LizLuras: A Losing Battle How the Army denies veterans justice without anyone knowing http://t.co/5Y0uEQgUjI via @AnuBhagwati @servicew
RT @TaskandPurpose: American Legion appointing its first female executive director in its 100-year history: http://t.co/8olJhJaxId
SAPRO Survey: "gathering information from trauma survivors, you need to be extremely sensitive" says @anubhagwati http://t.co/0ZkHNT4wyX
Results not clear in Retired @USAF Colonel @MarthaMcSally race. She was 1st American woman to fly in combat after women in combat ban lifted
1st woman veteran elected to U.S. Senate! Currently, serving as Lieutenant Colonel in Iowa @USNationalGuard, @JoniErnst won Iowa Senate seat
1st female Iraq combat #womanveteran in Congress and @USArmy helicopter pilot @RepDuckworth reelected to Illinois 8th District!
Hawaii Incumbent @USNationalGuard Captain @TulsiGabbard, has won reelection in Hawaii's 2nd District!
In #Midterms2014, 3 of 13 #servicewomen and #womenveterans secure a seat at the table. 1 race still too close to call.
RT @AnuBhagwati: Huge news: @AmericanLegion appoints its 1st woman exec director. http://t.co/EEr3ejR8OM @servicewomen @VVAmerica is only o…
Female soldiers at Fort Bragg training for possible chance to tackle #Army #Ranger Course #combatintegration http://t.co/xn2LGrrjCf
We're looking forward to hearing the latest on women veterans healthcare and benefits today from VA Secretary Bob McDonald & @DeptVetAffairs
RT @AnuBhagwati: h/t @servicewomen : great summary of women veterans. present and past, running for elected office. http://t.co/opuUzkAdm8
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#SAPRO Survey Draws Complaints, DoD said survey more explicit & detailed this year for more accurate result #passMJIA http://t.co/XJvx28Oa0T
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RT @HuffingtonPost: Vet homelessness drops 33% since 2010 http://t.co/Zx4q6fa68S
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Watch: Full report on Eric Thomas & #AirForce Academy Sexual Assault #titleIX http://t.co/Qog1CEyCj6 via @ABC
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.@servicewomen stands with campus students carrying the weight to end sexual & domestic violence. #carrythatweight http://t.co/QeR8o3iOsl
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"Advocates are hopeful that the #VA is dedicated to improving services for female #vets" = more work to be done http://t.co/XMqYTlZqkH
3 pioneering women who qualified for #Marine Infantry Officers Course were physically disqualified last week http://t.co/NslA22HhPv
RT @HRC: .@USArmy is Held Accountable for Discrimination Against a #Transgender Civilian Employee http://t.co/xmRvgEhDVh via @HRC
Take a stand against domestic violence #DVAM http://t.co/CwBtU8YgXp
Five military women open up about life in a war zone http://t.co/G5OxltPYKf
US #Marines turn to female CEOs for advice on recruiting & retaining #yesallwomen http://t.co/6rjEyiiAM8
RT @gregjacob01: Proud to be joining other grassroots DV and sex asslt allies today at a Community Leaders Roundtable in the @NFL head offi…
RT @MilitaryHealth: #Pregnant moms-to-be: get your questions answered on this @usairforce site, created just for you. http://t.co/3sEOOPGs4…
#Navy reservist completes run to honor #servicewomen http://t.co/3Et1AoJLFK
#Yoga helps war #veterans get a handle on their PTSD http://t.co/kMZebXp8ov via @washingtonpost
18th Air Force Commander Upholds Sex Assault Conviction http://t.co/ZU280ztUKR via @Militarydotcom
Female #Vets Say They'll Put Country First, Even On Capitol Hill via @nprnews http://t.co/ld553JJpRi
Opinion: #military should make everyone in service follow California's 'yes means yes' law http://t.co/q90bpUS6jq via @washingtonpost
RT @HuffingtonPost: 85 colleges are now under federal investigation for sexual assault cases http://t.co/dwTUJn13QJ
Norway Closes Gender Gap as Women #Military Draft Starts #womenincombat http://t.co/zPQuKjiKOz via @BloombergNews
Sexual Assault Prevention Effort Tailored to Junior Marines http://t.co/LaULK9JDV4 via @Militarydotcom
39 women apply for Ranger School adviser duty #womenincombat http://t.co/YN9aBxN0By
RT @AnuBhagwati: #SWAN MAC'er @allysonrobinson speaks to military's obsolete #transgender policy: http://t.co/cpHqvYomRy @servicewomen h/t …
Commander, Navy Region Southeast Signs #DomesticViolenceAwareness Proclamation http://t.co/mJRfxzSNZi
Women in the #military: All branches say they'll continue to open jobs for female troops #womenincombat http://t.co/debhds2uMk
Grad students raise awareness of sexual violence in the military via @gwhatchet http://t.co/1gjKqRpqSU
RT @gregjacob01: Testifying to the Judicial Proceedings Panel today on privacy & issues with courtroom use of sex asslt counseling records …
Interview with Michelle Howard, first female 4 star admiral in #Navy http://t.co/kxhG6uD2oQ via @WAMCRadio
RT @AnuBhagwati: .@servicewomen Join #VoicesfromWar & @VetArtistProg to celebrate veterans & the arts! NOV 8, 7pm. http://t.co/b3avnocoXw v…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Here's more on Dan Abramson's yoga for bros & military vets toy soldier yogis: https://t.co/G1EsIk4WYp @servicewomen #GIYo
RT @AnuBhagwati: This is for veterans who've been exploring yoga. GI yogi? I dig these toy soldiers: http://t.co/4C6WbDpqmh @servicewomen @…
RT @IAVAPressRoom: . @redbookmag's November issue is dedicated to helping female veterans. Read here: http://t.co/y9faXMS3Az #newvets
Fort Bragg leaders discuss ways to curb domestic violence; coincides with Nt'l #DomesticViolenceAwareness Month http://t.co/bvzC1gDF5G
RT @AnuBhagwati: Troops sacrifice life and limb but Congress wants to ban them from smoking? Move on, already. @politico http://t.co/MdlH2U…
Sen McCaskill discusses sex assault at #Mizzou: policy changes aren't enough, a change in campus culture is vital http://t.co/Lszee1KLKR
#Senate confirms Gen Lori Robinson as 4 star commander of all #AirForce forces in the Pacific theater #yesallwomen http://t.co/ZF9o8qa0hb
RT @LeoShane: .@RepJeffMiller: "VA appears to be giving failing executives an opportunity to quit, retire or find new jobs without conseque…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Re-inspired after meeting with Veterans Legal Services Clinic students at @YaleLawSch So happy to see #veterans enrolled t…
RT @bkesling: VA ousts more senior executives. It's unclear whether they're being fired...or will be allowed to resign. @WSJ http://t.co/0…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Barriers to women's retention hurts the military. The Arrival of the Female 4-Stars: http://t.co/wjWsJQYOWo via @kwilliams