#WATCH: Video intvws w/ 4 #servicewomen who served on Cultural Support Teams in Afg & Iraq https://t.co/BLhj2rSTax HT @NixonPeabodyLLP
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Exciting reporting from @TBowmanNPR: "Sources Say Obama Could Name First Female Combatant Commander" https://t.co/eX4xsClHSg
#ICYMI: "Why Women Veterans Are the Fastest-Growing Group of Entrepreneurs," via @weisul https://t.co/mgl3LpdHOH
RT @AthertonKD: @servicewomen @BrianBWagner You've been quoted in my #Storify story "When The War Is Over, What Do We Do?" https://t.co/WDv…
"I knew women had made it [in military] when Dan Rather said 'the men & women in uniform' on nightly news" VA AsstSec Schwartz #acfuturewar
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Another sighting of @mgyerman's article featuring our Fellow @laurenzapf, reprinted @HuffingtonPost https://t.co/2XeQqtlOdG
Past Fellow @laurenzapf speaks to @mgyerman about "Changing the Dialogue for Women Vets" #VeteransDay https://t.co/jpnrWQ00ao
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In breaking codes, this 104 yr-old service woman also broke ground, via @TaraBahrampour https://t.co/aRzDVonzbY
Happy #VeteransDay to all of America's service women. We are so proud & honored to work with you & to work on your behalf
Why Women Veterans Are the Fastest-Growing Group of Entrepreneurs, exciting @Inc story by @Weisul https://t.co/mgl3LpdHOH
@RebeccaHannagan unfortunately do not believe this is being recorded
"We need the best & the brightest, and that is gender neutral" - Norwegian Major General @FHannestad at @GeorgetownLaw #NoExceptions
Fascinating to hear Norwegian Major General @FHannestad talk about Norway's experience with true gender equality in its armed forces
Great discussion on "women in combat" at @GeorgetownLaw, featuring speakers including @brooks_rosa https://t.co/sP5xaSvc4p
Did You Know? There are nearly 385,000 veteran women-owned businesses in US, up 300 percent from 2007 https://t.co/N9K2X3EOez
The study we previously shared on male military sexual assault has been retracted due to analytical concerns https://t.co/Ntka9qS3EX
Controversial Marine Corps Study On Gender Integration Published In Full, via @TBowmanNPR & @Laura_M_Wagner https://t.co/lkDVTSqOj3
First official integrated Ranger School underway, Army won't talk about the women - via @MichelleTan32 https://t.co/MHwUD3HW3J
Sexual Assault Of Military Men 15 Times Higher Than Thought https://t.co/3JHTnrpn4E || lacks large sample, but an important topic
Empowering today's service women to be our next generation's role models #DayForTheBrave https://t.co/7gbbZ3W2WR https://t.co/PtEJfTpkNi
We were honored to be interviewed Nov 1 by @VeteransRadio about SWAN & #DayForTheBrave https://t.co/FTOml9Qadw (intvw starts 30:15)
The Dangerous Non-Evolution of the Military (Gender Integration) by LTCs Kate Germano & Jeannette Haynie https://t.co/4XYSw9m7mm
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Women veterans recruited for federal border duty, reports @MilitaryTimes https://t.co/LrefUpGY1b
"Marines' women in combat study 'flawed,' researchers say" - @WyattwOlson provides latest report on ongoing debate https://t.co/sHXSvsEJRS
Nonprofits Engaged in Debate Over Women in Combat, reports @MarkANMag for @AssociationsNow, ft. SWAN https://t.co/B5B85W4Tlf
How the first female Ranger School grads are inspiring a new generation of West Point women, by @pjmatt http://t.co/zMvqVdHvVz
Marine Corps Study Finds No Detriment to Morale in Mixed-Gender Combat Units, reports @David_Philipps http://t.co/n2k2JoZedO
Great question @PaulRieckhoff, nearly 2.5 million of us serve or have served! https://t.co/YOVquYpceM
Mother. Engineer. Army Ranger. A true triple threat. https://t.co/if042jsYsv
Army COS @GENMarkMilley shares closing remarks on professional development to Women's Mentorship Network #AUSA2015 http://t.co/FM8B5iV2go
Great quote by service woman at #AUSA2015: "It is a great time to be a women and be in the [military] service. It is a golden age for us"
Great turnout at Women's Mentorship Network luncheon #AUSA2015 w/ Ranger School grads Kristin Griest & Shaye Haver http://t.co/vx1aS6igjA
Our CEO, Judy Patterson, provided opening remarks at the Women's Mentorship Network's #AUSA2015 luncheon today http://t.co/RDEJRdB2GZ
Thoughtful article by @ConradCBrown: "There Are Women Who Can Outperform Many Men In The Infantry. Get Over It" http://t.co/CeUf4iV2Lo
"Decision looms on women in combat," reports @andrewtilghman, quoting several friends of SWAN. Big day tomorrow! http://t.co/baheTsbA8c
"Group blasts Marines over study of women in combat" @Druzin_Stripes reports from press event we co-hosted today http://t.co/OA4D45Gbdk
Morning Read: "Exclusive: Marine memo hints at shift on women in combat," from @AnnaMulrine http://t.co/gT1I89twRc
What a great story about women veterans. DC welcomes 1st all-female Honor Flight today http://t.co/fMd3KKHfTN
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Our statement on Marine Corps' study re: women in combat is cited in @HopeSeck's latest @marinetimes story http://t.co/6wElwsURwE
"Marine Corps Study Doesn't Change Facts About Women in Combat," CEO Judy Patterson writes for @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/4C25J4vnO1
SWAN Congratulates First #Women to Graduate from #Ranger School http://t.co/Aqas4yyfys
#Historymade: First female soldiers to graduate #Army #Ranger School http://t.co/k4AXPnRIP8
GAO: Getting #women into combat jobs may take 2 years http://t.co/UB59dtBbAr via @MilitaryTimes
Dismantling military's #transgender ban to begin Monday http://t.co/MJy3EymjWD via @usatoday
House Backs Bill to Help #Vets Who've Suffered Sexual Assault http://t.co/quQCjOX3fE
Thanks to everyone who supported this! https://t.co/iVB3R3CfRW
RT @gregjacob01: .@USRepresent passes #HR1607 the Ruth Moore Act. Thx to @chelliepingree for her outstanding leadership on this important #…
What we've been doing this summer! #constantcontact http://t.co/vsQVMLRGGQ
#Marine women challenge #combat limits, pioneering staff assignments for ground forces took adjustment, fortitude http://t.co/chqxw3Dq82
Commissioner Loree Sutton, BG speaks with Fellows on leadership & change @nycveterans http://t.co/oAtYjbYwbu
UNSUNG HEROES: The Female Soldier Who Provided Crucial Medical Treatment Under Mortar Fire via @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/7VOBTQjer6
Probably Not the Kind of Equality Women Had in Mind: Women vets commit suicide at same rate as male counterparts http://t.co/f0n3SI6oHB
.@MilitaryTimes 2015 ServiceMembers of the Year honored: Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Sara Freeman wins Sailor of Year http://t.co/CI1UYZzwFR
#Womenincombat: why America’s next social battlefield is on the actual battlefield via @gaylelemmon http://t.co/mLibJHF12B
Women combat vets gathered @ GWU this week as part of conference to research & document experiences deployed as CST: https://t.co/U1rAYpf8CU
In historic first, three #women tackle #Ranger School's grueling mountain phase http://t.co/SnB2WJLTJ2
RT @gregjacob01: .@servicewomen sponsored a great Hill Day this week with women #veterans who served in #SpecOps units in #Afghanistan http…
RT @gregjacob01: @USArmy reviewing breastfeeding policy Thx @nikiinthehouse for championing this issue for servicewomen http://t.co/tukA8I3…
#MarineCorps Integrated Task Force deactivates at Camp Lejeune: https://t.co/BMke3Wp0my via @dvidshub
Women Sue for Right to Be Drafted in the U.S. Military http://t.co/wnTd6HQAzn via @CourthouseNews
#Pentagon moves to allow #transgender troops to serve openly http://t.co/cOAIstW2Jv via @POLITICO
Female #Ranger students pass Darby Phase on 3rd try http://t.co/Iux9pzQ2aT via @armytimes
#Marine Commander’s Firing Stirs Debate on Integration of Women in Corps http://t.co/3TkpM5nIhs
RT @gregjacob01: Breaking barriers: Women pass first phase of @USArmy 's tough #Ranger School http://t.co/LLnpBLhOy5 @servicewomen
EACH Woman Act Would Lift Federal Bans on Abortion Coverage http://t.co/3W4ZIdOwOC
#Marine Task Force Integrating #Women Into Combat Wraps Up Part of Research http://t.co/V8TvEWkMuB via @nbcsandiego
TED Talk Shows The Role Women Have In Combat via @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/fslXWSTVl0
Dems Push Bold Abortion Rights Legislation http://t.co/NgBrgouR03 via @HuffPostPol
Gen. Dunford could face decision on #womenincombat 2x, "needs to be addressed during confirmation" says @gregjacob01 http://t.co/0B2stOISBU
#WomenInCombat: Lessons Learned from Cultural Support Teams is a long awaited discussion focusing on Women in Combat http://t.co/qPulHqRjoI
RT @WIIS_Global: Save The Date! #WIIS_Global & @CIIWG hosts Women in Combat: Lessons Learned from Cultural Support Teams. Register at http:…
Listen via @nprnews: They Survived Training, Now Female #Marines Await Word On Ground Combat http://t.co/wLCpFqrGOv #womenincombat
#VA will extend veterans benefits to same-sex couples http://t.co/SoVLKU3jmm via @marinetimes
$43.1 million intended for #veterans sat unspent for 3 years, auditors find #fixtheVA http://t.co/PPkOuV4adn
RT @WhiteHouse: "Sometimes, there are days like this—when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt…
$2.6 billion #VA shortfall raises more criticism, anger http://t.co/df0viJdxhn via @MilitaryTimes
debate over #womenincombat has put the onus on women...the military’s problem, instead, is with some of its men http://t.co/jtk4MVQKUP
At #Army #Ranger School, admiration - and frustration - in assessment of women http://t.co/JT6sukB9P8
US #Navy Selects First Group Of Female Sailors For Nuclear Submarine Force http://t.co/72SkPIYLnG
.@nytimes Report: #VA Wait Lists for #Veterans Even Longer Today than Last Year http://t.co/GhRJuK2cqm via @Militarydotcom
How Can Women in the #Military Combat the "Brass Ceiling?" http://t.co/EcYgCM2jix
#Pentagon officials preparing to make final decisions about whether to open all combat jobs to #servicewomen http://t.co/rknwF7gQC7
#Army opens 20,000 combat engineer and associated skill positions to #women soldiers http://t.co/F9oOjThsH4 via @armytimes

The Official Ethnic Cheerleader

Submitted Anonymously I have a friend who jokingly named my collateral work duty The Official Ethnic Cheerleader. I have always been an active member of a myriad of ‘diversity awareness’ councils during my commission. I’ve sent out the informational emails on heritage...

A Military Victim Advocate Talks about Lauren

(Submitted to SWAN Anonymously) As a woman who has been in some kind of military environment for close to ten years (prep school, active duty, academy), I have become quite the scrutinizer of any sort of military centered media. I am that annoying critic laughing at...

Superior Betrayal

By Elisha Morrow (Some names are not disclosed for safety reasons.) “These recruits are entrusted to my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will develop them into smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained Coast Guard men and women. I will...

My Secret Struggle

(Submitted anonymously.) First, I want to preface this by saying I wrote this originally as a part of therapy wrote this original, and decided to share this with other young military women (and men).  I am sharing this because I want young military women to understand...