RT @NOW_NYC: Gen Loree Sutton, NYC Comm of #Veterans Affairs with @AnuBhagwati. You are an inspiration to all of us @NOW_NYC. http://t.co/W…
RT @HuffingtonPost: Vet homelessness drops 33% since 2010 http://t.co/Zx4q6fa68S
RT @gregjacob01: Congrats to @servicewomen's @AnuBhagwati for receiving the Susan B Anthony award from @NOW_NYC. #SBA2014 http://t.co/FFyxP…
RT @ATRWibben: @servicewomen I'm hoping you can help me spread the word about a series sof events we are putting on in SF - see #PJSVetConv
Watch: Full report on Eric Thomas & #AirForce Academy Sexual Assault #titleIX http://t.co/Qog1CEyCj6 via @ABC
RT @AnuBhagwati: Join @NOW_NYC and @servicewomen tonight for the Susan B Anthony awards! Can't wait to see you! http://t.co/N4NfyD47R9 #car
.@servicewomen stands with campus students carrying the weight to end sexual & domestic violence. #carrythatweight http://t.co/QeR8o3iOsl
Help #CarryThatWeight, by standing up to sexual assault and supporting survivors. More Info: http://t.co/tnPXABcSWV
Join us tomorrow to honor SWAN's Anu Bhagwati at NOW NYC's Susan B. Anthony award ceremony, RSVP here: http://t.co/83b2Ic5xhz
"Advocates are hopeful that the #VA is dedicated to improving services for female #vets" = more work to be done http://t.co/XMqYTlZqkH
3 pioneering women who qualified for #Marine Infantry Officers Course were physically disqualified last week http://t.co/NslA22HhPv
RT @HRC: .@USArmy is Held Accountable for Discrimination Against a #Transgender Civilian Employee http://t.co/xmRvgEhDVh via @HRC
Take a stand against domestic violence #DVAM http://t.co/CwBtU8YgXp
Five military women open up about life in a war zone http://t.co/G5OxltPYKf
US #Marines turn to female CEOs for advice on recruiting & retaining #yesallwomen http://t.co/6rjEyiiAM8
RT @gregjacob01: Proud to be joining other grassroots DV and sex asslt allies today at a Community Leaders Roundtable in the @NFL head offi…
RT @MilitaryHealth: #Pregnant moms-to-be: get your questions answered on this @usairforce site, created just for you. http://t.co/3sEOOPGs4…
#Navy reservist completes run to honor #servicewomen http://t.co/3Et1AoJLFK
#Yoga helps war #veterans get a handle on their PTSD http://t.co/kMZebXp8ov via @washingtonpost
18th Air Force Commander Upholds Sex Assault Conviction http://t.co/ZU280ztUKR via @Militarydotcom
Female #Vets Say They'll Put Country First, Even On Capitol Hill via @nprnews http://t.co/ld553JJpRi
Opinion: #military should make everyone in service follow California's 'yes means yes' law http://t.co/q90bpUS6jq via @washingtonpost
RT @HuffingtonPost: 85 colleges are now under federal investigation for sexual assault cases http://t.co/dwTUJn13QJ
Norway Closes Gender Gap as Women #Military Draft Starts #womenincombat http://t.co/zPQuKjiKOz via @BloombergNews
Sexual Assault Prevention Effort Tailored to Junior Marines http://t.co/LaULK9JDV4 via @Militarydotcom
39 women apply for Ranger School adviser duty #womenincombat http://t.co/YN9aBxN0By
RT @AnuBhagwati: #SWAN MAC'er @allysonrobinson speaks to military's obsolete #transgender policy: http://t.co/cpHqvYomRy @servicewomen h/t …
Commander, Navy Region Southeast Signs #DomesticViolenceAwareness Proclamation http://t.co/mJRfxzSNZi
Women in the #military: All branches say they'll continue to open jobs for female troops #womenincombat http://t.co/debhds2uMk
Grad students raise awareness of sexual violence in the military via @gwhatchet http://t.co/1gjKqRpqSU
RT @gregjacob01: Testifying to the Judicial Proceedings Panel today on privacy & issues with courtroom use of sex asslt counseling records …
Interview with Michelle Howard, first female 4 star admiral in #Navy http://t.co/kxhG6uD2oQ via @WAMCRadio
RT @AnuBhagwati: .@servicewomen Join #VoicesfromWar & @VetArtistProg to celebrate veterans & the arts! NOV 8, 7pm. http://t.co/b3avnocoXw v…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Here's more on Dan Abramson's yoga for bros & military vets toy soldier yogis: https://t.co/G1EsIk4WYp @servicewomen #GIYo
RT @AnuBhagwati: This is for veterans who've been exploring yoga. GI yogi? I dig these toy soldiers: http://t.co/4C6WbDpqmh @servicewomen @…
RT @IAVAPressRoom: . @redbookmag's November issue is dedicated to helping female veterans. Read here: http://t.co/y9faXMS3Az #newvets
Fort Bragg leaders discuss ways to curb domestic violence; coincides with Nt'l #DomesticViolenceAwareness Month http://t.co/bvzC1gDF5G
RT @AnuBhagwati: Troops sacrifice life and limb but Congress wants to ban them from smoking? Move on, already. @politico http://t.co/MdlH2U…
Sen McCaskill discusses sex assault at #Mizzou: policy changes aren't enough, a change in campus culture is vital http://t.co/Lszee1KLKR
#Senate confirms Gen Lori Robinson as 4 star commander of all #AirForce forces in the Pacific theater #yesallwomen http://t.co/ZF9o8qa0hb
RT @LeoShane: .@RepJeffMiller: "VA appears to be giving failing executives an opportunity to quit, retire or find new jobs without conseque…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Re-inspired after meeting with Veterans Legal Services Clinic students at @YaleLawSch So happy to see #veterans enrolled t…
RT @bkesling: VA ousts more senior executives. It's unclear whether they're being fired...or will be allowed to resign. @WSJ http://t.co/0…
RT @AnuBhagwati: Barriers to women's retention hurts the military. The Arrival of the Female 4-Stars: http://t.co/wjWsJQYOWo via @kwilliams
RT @AnuBhagwati: Great to see these Army sisters rocking the business world. http://t.co/pvgfIO4GQB via @USATODAY @reporterjoe @servicewome
RT @AnuBhagwati: Speaking soon at Yale Law School about the challenges & triumphs of changing military and veterans culture @servicewomen
RT @AnuBhagwati: Can't wait to speak to students, veterans & activists at @YaleLawSch tmrw about the journey of making national culture cha…
Successes, Challenges of Women in Combat; leaders exploring avenues to broaden career opps for #womenincombat http://t.co/ZBtqM23ZCD
#Navy announces enlisted #women to begin serving on submarines http://t.co/H5Fp2fRzYV
RT @JessicaValenti: Gov. Cuomo mandates "yes means yes" standard for SUNYs. Amazing! http://t.co/wa9C6e9uDc
RT @nikiinthehouse: Oct. is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to reflect on our cumulative responsibility to prevent & respond to d…
RT @ArielaMigdal: 3 women pass Marine Corps combat endurance test at IOC http://t.co/yMf96dl3zJ But still won't be allowed in Infantry. #Wo
A moment of silence for Private Danny Chen will be held tomorrow at 6:15pm. More information http://t.co/FFgWYAE49k #Justice4DannyChen
RT @gregjacob01: .@USMC Col in charge of @MCASMiramarCA Inspector General office fired for sexual misconduct http://t.co/LTndowDHMX @servic
RT @claudiamyers: @servicewomen women vets are often overlooked in film. Check out @FortBlissMovie @realmonaghan & why it's making news htt…
RT @DanLamothe: Exclusive: Army general, accused of sexual assault in Djibouti by senior adviser, retired quietly with demotion http://t.co…
#Hagel: #Military Medical System 'Average', but "we cannot accept average" #fixVA http://t.co/eRObaZPP49 via @ABC
Reports of sexual assault rise across #UC system: indication that widespread protests are having an impact. #titleIX http://t.co/qWnvI3bc6V
RT @BreaktheCycleDV: It's National Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Let survivors know you're standing by them #voiceshavepower http://t…
RT @TaskandPurpose: 5 Reasons Every Service Member Should Be Writing About Their Military Service | http://t.co/d0KsQYBxLZ
Study shows #vets who identify as lesbian or bisexual may have higher risk of alcohol misuse http://t.co/nXyzkl752m
"For women to have a #Ranger tab...says a lot about her ability” says SWANs @gregjacob01 http://t.co/267bosmVD1
RT @NYMetroVets: A message to #veterans in #NYC from new #MOVA Commissioner Loree Sutton: http://t.co/YKedD1qiAq
RT @AnuBhagwati: If the NFL is consulting the DoD about how to handle domestic violence, I am not optimistic. http://t.co/vtVxnPxMf7 @servi
RT @BloombergNews: New Jersey female lawmakers call on NFL owners to fire Commissioner Roger Goodell: http://t.co/IeE3RX4rWp
RT @Invisible_War: "We will win this battle." Thank you @SenGillibrand for fighting to #passMJIA. Together, we are #NotInvisible http://t.c…
RT @AnuBhagwati: So misleading. Title 9 doesn't apply to Academies. MT @militarytimes USNA joins 'It's On Us' campaign http://t.co/VFeFcdaS…
RT @AnuBhagwati: @kwilliams101 @vetshelpingvets Great to see this event! And, we need to support more women of color veteran writers. @serv
RT @AnuBhagwati: .@azbrodsky rocks it re: Title IX & campus assault. Can Pt 2 cover lack of T9 at Academies? @MHPshow @servicewomen http://…
#CoastGuard boosts efforts to tackle sexual assault reports http://t.co/XnV3jGgh8m
Why Is The Military Getting Involved In The NFL’s Domestic Violence Scandal? via @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/eeNjcw6boD
.@kwilliams101 addresses role of women in #military: "women can be significant force multipliers" #combatintegration http://t.co/on58DOVDsY
Women in #Ranger School: New details, application deadlines #USArmy http://t.co/u1zCWO9sHA
RT @AnuBhagwati: Word. @TrumanProject veterans take on Fox News re: "Boobs on the Ground" http://t.co/V30JY5yqks @servicewomen
#Senate Dems demand #VA disability for sexual assault victims #battleforbenefits http://t.co/1Vws7YelEv
Study examines #servicewomen's reporting of sexual assault in the #military #passMJIA http://t.co/PrZuFlRyAR
#Army: It's good news that sexual assault reports are up.... but still ways to go #passMJIA http://t.co/CHWT2wZVQx
RT @AnuBhagwati: Huge TY to Sen @MarkUdall for urging @WhiteHouse to pressure VA on Military Sexual Trauma claims regs. @servicewomen http:…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY @SenGillibrand for supporting veterans. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need urgent reform. @servicewomen http:…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY @SenStabenow for supporting our veterans. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need reform now. @servicewomen http:/…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY @SenBennetCO for supporting our veterans. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need reform now. @servicewomen http:/…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY @SenatorHeitkamp for your support. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need urgent reform. @servicewomen http://t.c…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY @SenatorBaldwin for your support. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need urgent reform. @servicewomen http://t.co…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY @SenatorBoxer for having our backs. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need urgent reform. @servicewomen http://t.…
RT @AnuBhagwati: TY Sen @MariaCantwell for your support. VA's Military Sexual Trauma claims regs need reform now. @servicewomen http://t.co…
Senators send letter to #POTUS in response to #VA rejecting 2nd petition made by SWAN and @VVAmerica on #MST-#PTSD http://t.co/9oELTuzsiz
RT @AmericanLegion: Via @ajc: Complaints of retaliation against VA whistleblowers more than doubled in recent months. http://t.co/INDvQ4WV…
7 Ways #Women #Veterans Have It Worse Than Our Men in Uniform #longform http://t.co/VimQ9iNGPf via @TakePart
#Army Drill Sergeant Found Guilty of Sex Assaults http://t.co/rDIXaEkOnq via @ABC
The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is now accepting nominations for their Annual Awards Program. More info: http://t.co/IcR0jXxQuX
#Army guardsman: Superior said more sexual assault reports could threaten graduation #passMJIA http://t.co/TLPTE87gRa via @STLtoday
Female #veterans feel left behind as services haven't kept pace #fixVA http://t.co/wtpVNTOJ8J via @WSJ
RT @Yahoo: The first Hindu congresswoman is also a combat veteran, and its best surfer: http://t.co/qzednK3m8j @TulsiGabbard http://t.co/TV…
#US #Military Three Years After ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ #DADTrepeal #equality http://t.co/pN7wr9KJb8


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