We accomplish our mission through:

Policy Reform
Media Advocacy
Community Organizing

Specifically, SWAN:

  • Educates policy makers and legislators;
  • Engages military and veterans leadership;
  • Informs the public by providing expert research, analysis and opinion, and amplifying stakeholder voices;
  • Organizes service members, veterans and families to advocate for themselves and build community support;
  • Works with law firms, legal clinics and law schools to increase institutional accountability and improve stakeholders’ opportunities for redress;
  • Builds coalitions and collaborates with civil rights, veterans’ and other social justice organizations;
  • Offers technical assistance and cultural competency training; and
  • Facilitates wellness through free yoga classes and yoga teacher training scholarships for veterans.


SWAN is a nonpartisan civil rights organization. We challenge institutions and cultural norms that deny equal opportunities, equal protections, and equal benefits to servicemembers and veterans.

Similarly, the inclusive approach we take is pivotal to healing the various forms of discrimination and violence faced by women and other marginalized populations in the military, including sexism, racism, and homophobia.

SWAN assists service members and veterans without regard to sex, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The content of SWAN’s work is directly informed by the experiences of the populations that we serve.

Whenever possible, women veterans design, supervise and lead SWAN’s programs, in order to foster a sense of belonging, ownership, and community and to build personal skills that increase leadership experience, self-sufficiency, healing and well-being.

SWAN extends opportunities to and promotes the voices and agency of servicewomen and women veterans, regardless of the context, era, or type of their service.