SWAN strongly supports Burke, PLLC’s litigation against the Department of Defense on behalf of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) victims, and has spoken extensively on the issues that the lawsuit raises.

Redacted lawsuit filing in Klay v. Panetta

Entire Lawsuit Text

Amended Complaint

Dismissal Order

Petition to End Military Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Visit SWAN’s Change.org page to take action and to tell Congress to hold the Armed Forces accountable for rape, sexual assault and harassment.

National Press Club Announcement – 2.15.2011

Executive Director Anu Bhagwati’s remarks

Photos: ©Elizabeth Rappaport for the Ms. Foundation for Women

Media Coverage

12.14.2011 – AP Newsbreak: Abuse Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld, Gates Tossed Out

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The Sacramento Bee

5.16.2011 – Ms Magazine Feminist Wire Daily Newsbrief: Slaughter Introduces Provisions Against Rape in the Military

5.15.2011 – The Arizona Republic: Military Veteran Opens Up About 1970s Sex Assault

5.10.2011 – Norddeutscher Rundfunk, North German Broadcasting: Rape in the US Army

4.29.2011 – The Christian Science Monitor: Unseen Foe for Troops: Sexual Assault in the Military

4.29.2011 – North County Times: Military News, Good and Not So

4.27.2011 – Sea Coast Online: Supporting Military Victims of Sexual Assault

4.21.2011 – City on a Hill Press: Shedding Light on a Dark Issue

4.16.2011 – North County Times: Miltary: More Than 300 Sexual Assaults Reported at Camp Pendleton Since 2005

4.14.2011 – Eagle Tribune: Ex-City Woman Joins Suit Vs. Military, Says She Was Raped

4.11.2011 – Daily Kos: Rep. Speier Calls Congress Complicit in Military Rape

4.7.2011 – PressTV: US Military’s Rape and Sexual Assault Epidemic

4.4.2011 – Common Dreams: The Military’s Rape and Sexual Assault Epidemic

4.4.2011 – Law Firm Newswire: Secretaries of Defense Need to Stop Military Sexual Trauma Says Legal Group for Veterans

4.3.2011- Newsweek: The Military’s Secret Shame

4.3.2011 – Truthout: The Military’s Rape and Sexual Assault Epidemic

3.31.2011 – RH Reality Check: The Military’s Rape and Sexual Assault Epidemic

3.24.2011 – The Simmons Voice: Rape Cases are Mishandled in the Military

3.18.2011 – My Central New Jersey: Military Deserves Scorn for Treatment of Rape Cases

3.14.2011 – Little India: Former Marine Leads New Charge

3.11.2011 – Tri-City Voice: Service Women’s Alert

3.10.2011 – Heroines: Sexual Assault in the Military

3.9.2011 – Change.org: Sexual Assault Survivors’ Military Lawsuit Spurs Litigation

3.8.2011 – Navy Times: Bill Would Easy Compensation for Sexual Trauma

3.5.2011 – Daily Press: Military Culture Enables Sex Assaults?

3.2.2011 – USA Today: Our view: Pentagon Falls Short in Tackling Sexual Assault

3.1.2011 – My Fox 9: Marine Opens Up About Rape in Military

3.1.2011 – The Political Notebook

2.26.2011 – Sun Herald: A Uniform Should Not Protect a Sexual Predator

2.25.2011 – Talking Points Memo: More Victims Want To Join Lawsuit Alleging Pentagon Ignored Sexual Harassment

2.22.2011 – Tell Me More (NPR):

2.22.2011 – Radio Boston: Soldiers Say Military Doesn’t Protect Them From Sexual Assault

2.22.2011 – Truthout: Pentagon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit for Failure to Protect Service Members From Rape

2.21.2011 – Fox News:

2.20.2011 – OpEd News: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the Pentagon

2.20.2011 – India Abroad: Former Marine Anuradha Bhagwati Takes on Defense Establishment

2.18.2011 – KPCC – Southern California Public Radio: Federal Lawsuit Alleges Military Rampant with Sexual Abuse

2.18.2011 – The Washington Post: The Military Must Take a Harder Line Against Sexual Assault

2.18.2011 – Moral Low Ground: Rape Epidemic Plagues US Military

2.18.2011 – All Headline News: Supreme Court, Congress Take on Sexual Assault in Military

2.17.2011 – TIME: Service Members Sue Pentagon Over Rape

2.17.2011 – The Week: The U.S. Military’s ‘Rape Epidemic’

2.17.2011 – The Diane Rehm Show: Sexual Assault and the U.S. Military

2.17.2011 – Change.org: Veterans and Advocates Condemn Military Failure to Stop Rape

2.17.2011 – The Milford Daily News: The Assaults on Military Women

2.17.2011 – Michigan Live: Ohio Woman Alleges Sexual Abuse Occurred at Coast Guard Station in Essexville

2.16.2011 – Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN):

2.16.2011 – CNN with Kyra Phillips

2.16.2011 – WNYC: The Takeaway Gates, Rumsfeld and Pentagon Served Class-Action Suit

2.16.2011 – Democracy Now: Veterans File Class Action Suit Over Sexual Abuse in Military

2.16.2011 – Public Radio International: Defense Secretary Robert Gates Accused of Ignoring Sexual Assaults

2.16.2011 – Women’s Media Center: Servicewomen Sue Pentagon for Enabling Rape

2.16.2011 – All Voices: Army Veterans File Sex Abuse Suit

2.16.2011 – Blog Her: US Military Named in Class Action Lawsuit

2.16.2011 – Slate: Service Members Sue Military Over Sexual Assaults

2.16.2011 – Ms. Sparky: Soldiers Sue DOD for Retaliation Against Rape Victims, Gates and Rumsfeld Named

2.16.2011 – Eagle World News: Pentagon Sued in Sexual Assault Claims Scandal

2.16.2011 – Sky News: Rumsfeld ‘Ignored” U.S. Military Rape Program

2.16.2011 – KFOR (Oklahoma City): 17 Women File Suit for Military Rape

2.15.2011- The Nightly News with Brian Williams

2.15.2011 – CNN: The Situation Room

2.15.2011 – The Today Show

2.15.2011 – Associated Press First Person: Raped in the Coast Guard

2.15.2011 – New York Times: Lawsuit Says Military Is Rife With Sexual Abuse

2.15.2011 – BBC: US Veterans Says Military Fails in Rape Claim Inquiries

2.15.2011 – MSNBC: Lawsuit Claims Pentagon Turned Blind Eye to Military Rape Victims

2.15.2011 – MSNBC: Military Sex Assaults Under the Microscope

2.15.2011 – Jezebel: Women Sue Military For Enabling Their Rapists

2.15.2011 – AOL News: 17 Victims Sue Pentagon Over “Plague” of Sexual Violence

2.15.2011 – America Blog: Rumsfeld, Gates Ignored Rape, Sexual Abuse at DOD, Lawsuit Claims

2.15.2011 – The Daily Beast: Gates, Rumsfeld Sued Over U.S. Military’s Rape Epidemic

2.15.2011 – The New Civil Rights Movement: Pentagon Faces Class Action Lawsuit Exposing Military Sexual Abuse Crisis

2.15.2011 – Ms. Magazine: Case Announced Against Sexual Assault in the Military

2.15.2011 – Ms. Magazine News Flash: Assaulted Service Women Sue the Military

2.15.2011 – Feminist Majority Daily News Wire: Case Announced Against Sexual Assault in the Military

2.15.2011 – Wilmington News Journal: Wilmington Native Suing Over Military’s Handling of Rape, Assault Cases

2.15.2011 – Daily Mail U.S. Veterans Sue Pentagon ‘After They Were Raped and Sexually Abused by Comrades’

2.15.22011 – UPI: Lawsuit: Military Allowed Rape

2.15.2011 – KPLC Louisiana: Military Women Face Significant Risk of Rape

2.15.2011 – Voice of America: Pentagon Sued for Allegedly Mishandling Sexual Assault Complaints

2.15.2011 – Inter Press Service: Rape in the Ranks, the U.S. Army’s Dirty Secret

2.15.2011 – ABC News: 17 Veterans Sue Pentagon Over Rape Cases

2.15.2011 – NBC San Diego: Military Accused of Turning Blind Eye on Rape Victims

2.15.2011 – WDTN (Ohio): Local Woman Reacts to Military Sex Assault Report

2.15.2011 – WCVB TV (Boston): Victims: Military Ignored Rapes

2.15.2011 WUSA9 (Washington DC): Class-Action Suit Seeks Changes in DoD Sex Assault Policies

2.15.2011 – TBD (Washington DC): Federal Lawsuit Seeks DoD Changes

2.15.2011 – Examiner: Military Rape and Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Secretary of Defense Gates

2.15.2011 – CTV (Canada): U.S. Veterans Say Rape Cases Mishandled

2.15.2011 – Georgetown Patch: Georgetown Law Firm Represents Victims in Military Rape and Sexual Assault Litigation

2.15.2011 – Newser: Female Vets Sue Pentagon Over Sex Abuse

2.15.2011 – Care2: Women Sue Pentagon Officials for Ignoring Rape Charges

2.15.2011 – AmericaBlog: Rumsfeld, Gates Ignored Rape, Sexual Abuse at DOD, Lawsuit Claims

2.15.2011 – The Raw Story: Military Chaplain: Soldier’s Rape ‘Must Have Been God’s Will’

2.15.2011 – Lawsuit Says Military Tolerates Rape, Assault

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2.15.2011 – AP Newsbreak: Veterans Say Rape Cases Mishandled

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