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Fact Sheets

Press Releases

SWAN Press Release: VA Settles Lawsuit with SWAN, ACLU
SWAN Press Release: SWAN Hosts Second National Summit on Military Sexual Violence for Veterans
SWAN Press Advisory: SWAN to Host National Summit on Military Sexual Assault
SWAN Press Release: New Defense Secretary Holds Meeting with Over 20 Veterans and Military Organizations, But Women Veterans Organizations Absent
SWAN Response to SecDef Promise to Review Sexual Assault Case
SWAN Applauds Bill Providing Equal Benefits for Same-Sex Military Spouses
Ruth Moore Act Introduced in Congress
Media Advisory: Sen. Tester and Rep. Pingree to Introduce the Ruth Moore Act of 2013
Department of Defense Lifts the Combat Exclusion Policy
House Armed Services Committee Holds Congressional Hearing on Lackland Sex Abuse Investigation
SWAN Statement on Nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense
Obama Signs Defense Bill Into Law with Record 19 Sexual Violence Provisions
Defense Secretary Objects to Sexual Assault Amendment

SWAN Sues Department of Defense in Landmark Challenge to Combat Exclusion Policy
Pentagon Holds Press Conference on Lackland Investigation, SWAN Responds
SWAN and YWCA of Brooklyn Host SERVICE Screening and Panel Discussion for Veterans Day
SWAN Applauds Hire of Allyson Robinson as New OutServe-SLDN Director
Service Women’s Action Network Denounces Sexist Ad Mocking Congressional Candidate, Combat Pilot Martha McSally

Service Women’s Action Network Calls on Air Force Academy to Initiate Thorough Investigation of Pending Sexual Assault Charges
SWAN Responds to President Obama’s Executive Order on Military Mental Health Services
Service Women’s Action Network Meets with Air Force General Edward Rice

SWAN to Present Testimony at First Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on MST VA Claims July 18th, 2012
Marines Issue Statement on New Plan to Eliminate Sexual Assaults in Ranks; SWAN Response
SWAN: Military Service Academies Sexual Assault Report
SWAN Applauds Sen. Shaheen (D-NH) for Amendment (pdf)
The President Speaks on Military Sexual Assault
Panetta Announces Sexual Assault Policy Change; SWAN Offers Commentary

2011 SAPRO Briefing Report

SWAN Responds to DOD’s 2011 SAPRO Report on Sexual Assault in the Military
Swan Weighs in on GAO Report Regarding DOD Sexual Assault Policies

Court Declares Government Response to SWAN’s Request for Military Sexual Trauma Records

New Military Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed, SWAN Offers Commentary
SWAN Weights In On Changes to Security Clearance Questionnaire, With No Disclosure Exemption for Sexual Assault Victims
Summary Judgment Hearing in SWAN/ACLU FOIA Lawsuit Against the DOD and Department of Veterans Affairs
Service Women’s Action Network and ACLU FOIA Litigation Against the Dept of Defense and Dept of Veterans Affairs
Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) Appointed to House Armed Services Committee
SWAN Response to GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum’s Statements on Women in Combat
SWAN Weighs in on DOD Stance on New Roles for Women in Combat
Service Women’s Action Network Heads to Sundance Film Festival for Debut of the Invisible War
Service Women’s Action Network Responds to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Announcement to Reduce Sexual Assault in the Military
Pentagon Releases Annual Report on Sexual Assaults in the Service Academies
Military Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed
SWAN Holds Holiday Party for Veterans and Their Families
New McClatchy Investigation on Military Rape Prosecutions Released
Service Women’s Action Network Hails the STOP Act to Combat Sexual Assault in the Military
Service Women’s Action Network to Launch 11-11-11 Website to Honor Women Veterans
Service Women’s Action Network Declares Support for Bill to Require Comprehensive Reporting and Tracking of Sexual Assault at VA Medical Facilities
Service Women’s Action Network Urges Secretary of Defense Nominee Leon Panetta to Focus on Epidemic of Military Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

House Passes Defense Authorization Act, Includes Essential Provisions To Help Prevent And Eliminate Military Sexual Assault
Statement on West Point’s Decision to Deny Former Cadet Katie Miller Readmission
MN Sen. Klobuchar Introduces Legislation Calling for Permanent Retention of Military Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Records
Pentagon Releases Latest Reports on Sexual Assault in the Military

Service Women’s Action Network Statement on Air Force Survey

SWAN Celebrates U.S. Military Women on International Women’s Day
Pentagon Commission Recommends Women Serve in Combat
Navy Announces More Than 30 Reprimands in USS Enterprise Harassment Case
SWAN Hosts UN Expert during U.S. visit for Roundtable on Sexual Violence in the Military
White House Report on Military Families Falls Short on Addressing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Service Women’s Action Network Applauds Military’s Review of Women in Combat

Navy’s Delayed Response to Videos Comes 5 Years Too Late

SWAN Applauds Repeal of the Discriminatory Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) Reacts to Dept. of Defense Report on Sexual Assault Trends at Military Academies
SWAN and ACLU File Lawsuit Seeking Military Sexual Trauma Records Withheld by Federal Government
Service Women’s Action Network launches new Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell telephone helpline for servicewomen, veterans
Service Women’s Action Network helps kick off the Human Rights Campaign, Servicemembers United National Tour to Repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in Philadelphia
SWAN legal advisor speaks to Congressional representatives on backlog of VA claims
SWAN Executive Director testifies before House Committee on Veterans Affairs