#SECNAV: #SEALs should open to women under fair standards http://t.co/F3qD4CHEoq via @navytimes
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#DOD seeks right standards, policies for #womenincombat http://t.co/XN8PdwOpxr
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A band of sisters on the Special Ops battlefield http://t.co/Au2V2KPdom
Wife, mother, Purple Heart recipient tries to break down barriers #womenincombat http://t.co/34ChR4ye3p
#AirForce testing gender-neutral standards in San Antonio #womenincombat http://t.co/gXOCKKmvEB via @airforcetimes
.@SenatorShaheen: We must provide better access to contraception to #women in the #military: http://t.co/IUj4aWkQRZ via @TIMEIdeas
How we're failing our female #veterans: from ill-fitting equipment to ill-equipped #VA system, we must do better http://t.co/ekWOv9taJe
Announcing the SWAN 2015 Women Veterans in Leadership and Policy Fellows #constantcontact http://t.co/tgfkCVie3U
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA SVCs will have to be in the room with #MilitarySexualAssault survivors during questioning by investigators
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA requires #SecDef to look at feasibility of providing SVCs to civilian survivors of servicemember assault
Lawmakers Back Broader Access to Contraceptives for Women in the #Military #NDAA http://t.co/FAILzy9EvC
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA would allow SVC’s to provide survivors w/ more legal services ie. criminal & congressional proceedings
Rep @nikiinthehouse adds provision to #NDAA that would establish comprehensive breastfeeding policy http://t.co/JF19lVm1sX
#Army’s all-women special ops teams: cemented the importance of putting women in forward-deployed #military roles http://t.co/fJ3ZkHBxaL
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA includes prohibition on retaliation against Special Victims’ Counsels (SVCs)for effectively representing their clients
Experiment tests #womenwarriors at tip of the spear, will help Pentagon decide whether women can fight on front lines http://t.co/38hfoztXOA
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA will improve servicewomen's #birthcontrol access: http://t.co/vgziqHRLCK
More than a dozen provisions in 2016 #NDAA address #MilitarySexualAssault and #ReproductiveRights for #Servicewomen. ICYMI SWAN recaps…
.@SenGillibrand vows to add sexual assault proposal to defense bill http://t.co/ThuIW3vowJ
#Womenincombat: Test failures raise questions about how many can succeed http://t.co/DWCcqON6wG via @washtimes
Insults to injury: #Military sexual assault victims endure retaliation http://t.co/wvNBCabgAF
Ex-airman says reporting sex assault sparked trouble; "clearly a leadership failure" says SWAN's @gregjacob01 http://t.co/Zfxx8bI6JQ
#Congress presses #military to design special line of combat boots for women http://t.co/6eldNdp5wl via @washtimes
Canadian military looks to US counterpart on dealing w/ sexual misconduct, SWAN's @gregjacob01 spoke with The Citizen http://t.co/d7iDiCaciK
Defence policy: America’s Amazons #womenincombat http://t.co/FbAR3yWb5T via @TheEconomist
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#Military sexual assault claims buried in latest #SAPRO report: only 1 in 20 lead to jail time http://t.co/irp9OEfqzE
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All-female #Marine grunt teams get innovative during combat tests: Part One in series http://t.co/JgWcmqC9fs via @armytimes
Stop Assaults on #Military Campuses: OpEd by Yale law students interning at the #Veterans Legal Services Clinic. http://t.co/8nw5asSlx9
Our Women Veterans Fellowship in Leadership & Public Policy is approaching quickly, but there's still time to apply! https://t.co/PHxu16BxCc
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OPINION: Protecting against assault, improvements are overshadowed by 62% of women who said they faced retaliation http://t.co/0e8Knc95E2
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New #JointChiefs of Staff chairman Joseph Dunford to make call on #womenincombat http://t.co/DD6EAv8PRo
All remaining female soldiers fail #Ranger School's 'Darby Phase,' can attempt again http://t.co/bWB9XX2R3N
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@_GaelEB Thank you Gael!!
#DACOWITS conduct focus groups at Fort Campbell examining issues service women face http://t.co/J2ipmfCSzB
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#Military sex assault numbers would double if civilian victims were counted, @SenGillibrand report says http://t.co/iibhMMpvEs
Bill would up protections for #military whistleblowers who 'bravely speak out about wrongdoing or misconduct' http://t.co/TWPepwsuvE
Breaking #military's ultimate glass ceiling? Women start #Ranger training http://t.co/O4FnfWdmvk
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#Navy #SEALs see no barrier to women in combat ranks http://t.co/wUtDuRYX55 via @washtimes
Few Military Women Seek Care After Sexual Assault: Study http://t.co/xUutUQ1Sik via @usnews
Little progress made in countering perceptions of retaliation in sexual assault reporting http://t.co/dNa7MFzjCQ
RT @DeptofDefense: #SecDef: Our commitment to stopping sexual assault will never cease. http://t.co/gOFaZwrl4j http://t.co/cwiOlhTUAR
Statement from SWAN interim executive director Erica Hunt in response to Pentagon SAPRO sexual assault survey results http://t.co/RFhW0LKyr4
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.@RepSpeier Passes 11 Military Sexual Assault Amendments in the #FY16NDAA http://t.co/d7IwqV4JyK
RT @nikiinthehouse: Annual defense bill includes my bill w/ @RepMikeTurner to support #MST survivors #FY16NDAA @HASCDemocrats http://t.co/t…
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Women in special operations: Female troops detail their time in combat http://t.co/WvK7t0Vq6J
It's still not too late to become a fellow! Women #Veterans #Fellowship in Leadership & Public Policy info here: https://t.co/23kznLOuU3
#DoD Official Provides Update on #Combat Jobs for Women http://t.co/qN3ZOdmUxZ
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Activists call for stiffer internal oversight of #military academy sex assault cases #SAAM http://t.co/8coYAcSAiF
w/ proposed EO "POTUS could increase accountability & transparency at our Service Academies" says SWAN's @gregjacob01 http://t.co/SrbsRxNLhw
How SWAN Is Tackling Sexual Assault In #Military Service Academies http://t.co/NDBMROEF4w via @HuffPostLive
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RT @WIIS_Global: Watch live event of "Women in Combat: Where They Stand" now at http://t.co/Nmo19cCUvi
SWAN delivers proposed executive order to #WhiteHouse for protections at #Military Service Academies http://t.co/N8aCSnDncv
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Decisions loom after #Marine infantry officer experiment ends #womenincombat http://t.co/EeWks1Nupm via @marinetimes
Eight women finish first week of US #Army #Ranger test http://t.co/rVCOE2oG5V
Judge Won't Dismiss Sex Claims Against #WestPoint, former cadet can move forward with her lawsuit http://t.co/lzjEkJlvLH via @ABC
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#Senate passes amendment closing #military sex offender loophole https://t.co/voHjiaW2S2 via @DenverChannel
Ashton Carter: ‘Maybe’ all #combat jobs will be open to women in January http://t.co/jMf6G99nfI via @washtimes
Secretary #AshCarter to Troops: I Need You to Say ‘Enough’ to Sexual Assault http://t.co/3YpXghrKeB via @defenseone
#AirForce to begin tests to open combat jobs to women http://t.co/KsydLnz8hr via @airforcetimes
#AirForce begins testing phase for #womenincombat roles, working to open the last 1 percent http://t.co/9Z0nr9CDJF
RT @gregjacob01: TODAY: At the #Senate Veteran Affairs Cmte hearing on women #veterans health care Panel1: VA officials Panel 2: VSOs and …
#FortBragg has several resources for victims of sexual assault http://t.co/J1NdS2y5bc
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Voices: Integrating women into #combat units http://t.co/B8GUC0bhhq via @usatoday
#Army Shows Women No Slack at Elite #Ranger Qualifiers http://t.co/yGFERcTjFV via @defenseone
Aberdeen Proving Ground opens sex assault center; but it's only one half of the equation says SWAN's @gregjacob01 http://t.co/c6g13nVQJo
It's not too late to become a fellow! Women #Veterans #Fellowship in Leadership & Public Policy info here: https://t.co/23kznLOuU3
Meet the women helping the #Army as #Ranger School takes on female soldiers #womenincombat http://t.co/ur4kPrUsLM
McCaskill-Backed Bill Would Open up Disability Benefits for Survivors of #Military Sexual Assault @clairecmc http://t.co/jZ5JLJ0mKA
Inside the #Army's effort to train and assess women for #Ranger School #womenincombat http://t.co/vCAtoRK7u5
Marin #military sexual trauma survivor to lobby #Congress #passMJIA http://t.co/PAhGf2v28C via @marinij
#Transgender in the #military: A #Pentagon in transition weighs its policy http://t.co/8zZZMJgp12
Last IOC in #Marine infantry experiment drops female officers http://t.co/oLHB3OSnJh via @marinetimes
SWAN is looking for #vets for our #Women Veterans #Fellowship in #Leadership and Public Policy! Apply here: http://t.co/zqcYcSACDm
Men Say They're Wary of Women in Special Forces: #Veterans of Both Sexes Weigh In http://t.co/Y0rwbJeOOu


Executive Staff


Erica Hunt

Interim Executive Director

Erica Hunt is SWAN’s Interim Executive Director since October 2014. Erica Hunt is a senior nonprofit leader, executive coach and nonprofit management consultant with more than 25 years of experience designing and managing programs and leading project teams and coalitions that involve multiple constituencies.

A former foundation executive, Erica is a seasoned practitioner in working collaboratively, in multi-racial, multi-ethnic initiatives, across class and generation and sexual orientation, to accomplish work that moves the needle towards greater social justice, gender and racial equity.

As a consultant, Erica has focused on increasing the organizational capacity of leaders and social justice organizations through management support, fund raising counsel and planning for sustainability through the stages of the organizational life cycle.

Hannah Cofalka 

Operations Manager and Executive Assistant

Hannah joins SWAN after serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Spartanburg, South Carolina, improving wellness policies and managing a county-wide health campaign and partnership program. She worked to strengthen access to wellness resources for low-income populations and served on the Spartanburg County Childhood Obesity Taskforce. Her past experience includes More than Me, a grassroots organization providing education for girls in Monrovia, Liberia, where she was a member of a development team that secured a million dollar grant from Chase Community Giving. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Northeastern University with a concentration in Public Policy and Administration. Before graduating, Hannah was able to participate in an intensive practicum on global civil society in Bali, Indonesia, working with local communities addressing the essentials of global citizenship, social entrepreneurship, and NGO development in response to local and global problems.

Kristine Ringler

Fellowship Program Director

Kristine is the Women Veterans Fellowship in Public Policy and Leadership Program Director at SWAN. She has worked with the U.S. Army for 13 years and has served as a Civil Affairs soldier with deployments to Iraq and Kosovo. She has also served as a cultural advisor to the Army in Northern Iraq and as a Trainer at Ft. Leavenworth preparing teams for Iraq and Afghanistan. Kristine later went on to be an instructor for USAID/DAI and traveled throughout Afghanistan training Afghans, U.S. and NATO forces on a program management tool. She currently works at West Point as a research consultant for an African Environmental Stability Project and serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Veteran’s Yoga Project. While working at West Point, she was part of the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Minerva Research Initiative, where she helped establish a research fellowship program, and now works as a research consultant for an African Environmental Stability Project. She has also worked tirelessly overseas to better understand the perspectives of vulnerable populations and bring that message back to those making decisions. As Program Director of SWAN’s pilot Fellowship program, Kristine’s aim is to incorporate best practices for successful outcomes. Her hope is to see follow on programs in the future so that more women veterans have the opportunity to learn how they can be a voice for change. Kristine holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and Bachelors in Mass Communications from North Dakota State University.


Policy Staff

Greg Jacob

Policy Director

Greg is the Policy Director at SWAN and a former U.S. Marine with 10 years of experience serving both as an enlisted infantry Marine and an infantry officer. Since joining SWAN in 2010, Greg has successfully established SWAN as a leading voice in developing extremely effective solutions to the tough issues facing service members and veterans through legislation, litigation, policy changes and regulatory reform. Greg holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Kentucky and worked as a media professional prior to joining the Marine Corps. After graduating from Parris Island, Greg held leadership billets in the Marines ranging from Fire Team Leader to Company Commander. Greg’s numerous deployments with the Fleet Marine Force and Joint Special Operations Command have taken him to every continent except Antarctica. He had been in Harm’s Way several times and received numerous decorations, including the Combat Action Ribbon. It was during Greg’s last assignment as a Commander of an integrated training company that he witnessed the discriminatory treatment and sexual trauma experienced by service members and learned firsthand the military’s failure to effectively prevent and prosecute these crimes. A solid researcher and prolific writer, Greg has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by members of the military and the veterans’ community and has appeared in media outlets worldwide as a powerful advocate for institutional change. Greg is a member of the Miniconjou Lakota tribe.


Communications Staff

Barbara L. Brown

Communications Director

Barbara is Communications Director for the Service Women’s Action Network. She is responsible for leading SWAN’s media and outreach strategies. She has nearly 20 years of experience designing and managing best-of-breed public relations and strategic communications programs to create understanding and acceptance of missions, policies, new products, and/or services as well as, increase business success, performance, stakeholder alignment, and identity of organizations, in the Non-Profit, Government, Media, High Tech, and Telecom industries. Barbara spent the last 12 years as a management consultant identifying solutions to help her clients achieve transformational and programmatic goals. Her work includes multi-faceted project management activities that include strategic planning, needs assessments/stakeholder analyses, content development, design, production, delivery, and evaluation. While serving as a management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and ICF International, Barbara worked primarily with federal agencies and non-profits to manage and support communications initiatives associated with new policy and key organizational transitions. Barbara has managed multiple federal communications projects and accounts for the Departments of Energy, Defense, Labor, State, Homeland Security, Treasury (IRS), and Veterans Affairs. She has made key contributions to the VA’s strategic initiatives to improve services to veterans including supporting MyCareer@VA, the VA Learning University’s – Career & Employee Development program, VA HR Academy, and the Women Veteran Toolkit for the Department of Labor’s Veteran Employment and Training Service and Women’s Bureau at Department of Labor. She was also responsible for delivery of key communications products to promote continuous change within the Department of Defense – Office of the Secretary, Business Transformation Agency. Ms. Brown developed and executed the Strategic Change Communications Plan for the Defense Business System Acquisition Executive (DBSAE) Directorate which included strategies for internal and external communications for programs including but not limited to the Defense Travel System (DTS) and Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS). Barbara has Bachelors in Print Journalism from American University and a Change Management Advanced Practitioner certificate from Georgetown University. She resides just outside of Washington, D.C. with her two sons, Tre’ and Jackson.

Matthew Richter 


Prior to working with nonprofits, Matthew had a long history of multimedia production and documentary filmmaking.  Working independently and with a wide range of collaborators, he has traveled extensively to build the capacity of social justice organizations through multimedia content. Many of his projects have been featured at international film festivals, used as educational tools, and served as centerpieces for grassroots and international advocacy campaigns.  Today, his work also includes strategic development and fundraising as well as advising on a wide range of technical topics including best practices for production, digital workflow, and the utilization of new-media tools.