#WATCH: Video intvws w/ 4 #servicewomen who served on Cultural Support Teams in Afg & Iraq https://t.co/BLhj2rSTax HT @NixonPeabodyLLP
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Exciting reporting from @TBowmanNPR: "Sources Say Obama Could Name First Female Combatant Commander" https://t.co/eX4xsClHSg
#ICYMI: "Why Women Veterans Are the Fastest-Growing Group of Entrepreneurs," via @weisul https://t.co/mgl3LpdHOH
RT @AthertonKD: @servicewomen @BrianBWagner You've been quoted in my #Storify story "When The War Is Over, What Do We Do?" https://t.co/WDv…
"I knew women had made it [in military] when Dan Rather said 'the men & women in uniform' on nightly news" VA AsstSec Schwartz #acfuturewar
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Another sighting of @mgyerman's article featuring our Fellow @laurenzapf, reprinted @HuffingtonPost https://t.co/2XeQqtlOdG
Past Fellow @laurenzapf speaks to @mgyerman about "Changing the Dialogue for Women Vets" #VeteransDay https://t.co/jpnrWQ00ao
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In breaking codes, this 104 yr-old service woman also broke ground, via @TaraBahrampour https://t.co/aRzDVonzbY
Happy #VeteransDay to all of America's service women. We are so proud & honored to work with you & to work on your behalf
Why Women Veterans Are the Fastest-Growing Group of Entrepreneurs, exciting @Inc story by @Weisul https://t.co/mgl3LpdHOH
@RebeccaHannagan unfortunately do not believe this is being recorded
"We need the best & the brightest, and that is gender neutral" - Norwegian Major General @FHannestad at @GeorgetownLaw #NoExceptions
Fascinating to hear Norwegian Major General @FHannestad talk about Norway's experience with true gender equality in its armed forces
Great discussion on "women in combat" at @GeorgetownLaw, featuring speakers including @brooks_rosa https://t.co/sP5xaSvc4p
Did You Know? There are nearly 385,000 veteran women-owned businesses in US, up 300 percent from 2007 https://t.co/N9K2X3EOez
The study we previously shared on male military sexual assault has been retracted due to analytical concerns https://t.co/Ntka9qS3EX
Controversial Marine Corps Study On Gender Integration Published In Full, via @TBowmanNPR & @Laura_M_Wagner https://t.co/lkDVTSqOj3
First official integrated Ranger School underway, Army won't talk about the women - via @MichelleTan32 https://t.co/MHwUD3HW3J
Sexual Assault Of Military Men 15 Times Higher Than Thought https://t.co/3JHTnrpn4E || lacks large sample, but an important topic
Empowering today's service women to be our next generation's role models #DayForTheBrave https://t.co/7gbbZ3W2WR https://t.co/PtEJfTpkNi
We were honored to be interviewed Nov 1 by @VeteransRadio about SWAN & #DayForTheBrave https://t.co/FTOml9Qadw (intvw starts 30:15)
The Dangerous Non-Evolution of the Military (Gender Integration) by LTCs Kate Germano & Jeannette Haynie https://t.co/4XYSw9m7mm
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Women veterans recruited for federal border duty, reports @MilitaryTimes https://t.co/LrefUpGY1b
"Marines' women in combat study 'flawed,' researchers say" - @WyattwOlson provides latest report on ongoing debate https://t.co/sHXSvsEJRS
Nonprofits Engaged in Debate Over Women in Combat, reports @MarkANMag for @AssociationsNow, ft. SWAN https://t.co/B5B85W4Tlf
How the first female Ranger School grads are inspiring a new generation of West Point women, by @pjmatt http://t.co/zMvqVdHvVz
Marine Corps Study Finds No Detriment to Morale in Mixed-Gender Combat Units, reports @David_Philipps http://t.co/n2k2JoZedO
Great question @PaulRieckhoff, nearly 2.5 million of us serve or have served! https://t.co/YOVquYpceM
Mother. Engineer. Army Ranger. A true triple threat. https://t.co/if042jsYsv
Army COS @GENMarkMilley shares closing remarks on professional development to Women's Mentorship Network #AUSA2015 http://t.co/FM8B5iV2go
Great quote by service woman at #AUSA2015: "It is a great time to be a women and be in the [military] service. It is a golden age for us"
Great turnout at Women's Mentorship Network luncheon #AUSA2015 w/ Ranger School grads Kristin Griest & Shaye Haver http://t.co/vx1aS6igjA
Our CEO, Judy Patterson, provided opening remarks at the Women's Mentorship Network's #AUSA2015 luncheon today http://t.co/RDEJRdB2GZ
Thoughtful article by @ConradCBrown: "There Are Women Who Can Outperform Many Men In The Infantry. Get Over It" http://t.co/CeUf4iV2Lo
"Decision looms on women in combat," reports @andrewtilghman, quoting several friends of SWAN. Big day tomorrow! http://t.co/baheTsbA8c
"Group blasts Marines over study of women in combat" @Druzin_Stripes reports from press event we co-hosted today http://t.co/OA4D45Gbdk
Morning Read: "Exclusive: Marine memo hints at shift on women in combat," from @AnnaMulrine http://t.co/gT1I89twRc
What a great story about women veterans. DC welcomes 1st all-female Honor Flight today http://t.co/fMd3KKHfTN
RT @WIIS_Global: Join the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) as a part-time policy intern! See http://t.co/3taWHGJgqa for info. @service
Our statement on Marine Corps' study re: women in combat is cited in @HopeSeck's latest @marinetimes story http://t.co/6wElwsURwE
"Marine Corps Study Doesn't Change Facts About Women in Combat," CEO Judy Patterson writes for @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/4C25J4vnO1
SWAN Congratulates First #Women to Graduate from #Ranger School http://t.co/Aqas4yyfys
#Historymade: First female soldiers to graduate #Army #Ranger School http://t.co/k4AXPnRIP8
GAO: Getting #women into combat jobs may take 2 years http://t.co/UB59dtBbAr via @MilitaryTimes
Dismantling military's #transgender ban to begin Monday http://t.co/MJy3EymjWD via @usatoday
House Backs Bill to Help #Vets Who've Suffered Sexual Assault http://t.co/quQCjOX3fE
Thanks to everyone who supported this! https://t.co/iVB3R3CfRW
RT @gregjacob01: .@USRepresent passes #HR1607 the Ruth Moore Act. Thx to @chelliepingree for her outstanding leadership on this important #…
What we've been doing this summer! #constantcontact http://t.co/vsQVMLRGGQ
#Marine women challenge #combat limits, pioneering staff assignments for ground forces took adjustment, fortitude http://t.co/chqxw3Dq82
Commissioner Loree Sutton, BG speaks with Fellows on leadership & change @nycveterans http://t.co/oAtYjbYwbu
UNSUNG HEROES: The Female Soldier Who Provided Crucial Medical Treatment Under Mortar Fire via @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/7VOBTQjer6
Probably Not the Kind of Equality Women Had in Mind: Women vets commit suicide at same rate as male counterparts http://t.co/f0n3SI6oHB
.@MilitaryTimes 2015 ServiceMembers of the Year honored: Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Sara Freeman wins Sailor of Year http://t.co/CI1UYZzwFR
#Womenincombat: why America’s next social battlefield is on the actual battlefield via @gaylelemmon http://t.co/mLibJHF12B
Women combat vets gathered @ GWU this week as part of conference to research & document experiences deployed as CST: https://t.co/U1rAYpf8CU
In historic first, three #women tackle #Ranger School's grueling mountain phase http://t.co/SnB2WJLTJ2
RT @gregjacob01: .@servicewomen sponsored a great Hill Day this week with women #veterans who served in #SpecOps units in #Afghanistan http…
RT @gregjacob01: @USArmy reviewing breastfeeding policy Thx @nikiinthehouse for championing this issue for servicewomen http://t.co/tukA8I3…
#MarineCorps Integrated Task Force deactivates at Camp Lejeune: https://t.co/BMke3Wp0my via @dvidshub
Women Sue for Right to Be Drafted in the U.S. Military http://t.co/wnTd6HQAzn via @CourthouseNews
#Pentagon moves to allow #transgender troops to serve openly http://t.co/cOAIstW2Jv via @POLITICO
Female #Ranger students pass Darby Phase on 3rd try http://t.co/Iux9pzQ2aT via @armytimes
#Marine Commander’s Firing Stirs Debate on Integration of Women in Corps http://t.co/3TkpM5nIhs
RT @gregjacob01: Breaking barriers: Women pass first phase of @USArmy 's tough #Ranger School http://t.co/LLnpBLhOy5 @servicewomen
EACH Woman Act Would Lift Federal Bans on Abortion Coverage http://t.co/3W4ZIdOwOC
#Marine Task Force Integrating #Women Into Combat Wraps Up Part of Research http://t.co/V8TvEWkMuB via @nbcsandiego
TED Talk Shows The Role Women Have In Combat via @TaskandPurpose http://t.co/fslXWSTVl0
Dems Push Bold Abortion Rights Legislation http://t.co/NgBrgouR03 via @HuffPostPol
Gen. Dunford could face decision on #womenincombat 2x, "needs to be addressed during confirmation" says @gregjacob01 http://t.co/0B2stOISBU
#WomenInCombat: Lessons Learned from Cultural Support Teams is a long awaited discussion focusing on Women in Combat http://t.co/qPulHqRjoI
RT @WIIS_Global: Save The Date! #WIIS_Global & @CIIWG hosts Women in Combat: Lessons Learned from Cultural Support Teams. Register at http:…
Listen via @nprnews: They Survived Training, Now Female #Marines Await Word On Ground Combat http://t.co/wLCpFqrGOv #womenincombat
#VA will extend veterans benefits to same-sex couples http://t.co/SoVLKU3jmm via @marinetimes
$43.1 million intended for #veterans sat unspent for 3 years, auditors find #fixtheVA http://t.co/PPkOuV4adn
RT @WhiteHouse: "Sometimes, there are days like this—when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt…
$2.6 billion #VA shortfall raises more criticism, anger http://t.co/df0viJdxhn via @MilitaryTimes
debate over #womenincombat has put the onus on women...the military’s problem, instead, is with some of its men http://t.co/jtk4MVQKUP
At #Army #Ranger School, admiration - and frustration - in assessment of women http://t.co/JT6sukB9P8
US #Navy Selects First Group Of Female Sailors For Nuclear Submarine Force http://t.co/72SkPIYLnG
.@nytimes Report: #VA Wait Lists for #Veterans Even Longer Today than Last Year http://t.co/GhRJuK2cqm via @Militarydotcom
How Can Women in the #Military Combat the "Brass Ceiling?" http://t.co/EcYgCM2jix
#Pentagon officials preparing to make final decisions about whether to open all combat jobs to #servicewomen http://t.co/rknwF7gQC7
#Army opens 20,000 combat engineer and associated skill positions to #women soldiers http://t.co/F9oOjThsH4 via @armytimes


Executive Staff


Judy Patterson

Chief Executive Officer

Judy Patterson is SWAN’s Chief Executive Officer. She comes to SWAN with more than 20 years of nonprofit and association management. Judy co-founded both the American Gaming Association (AGA) and its charitable research arm, the National Center for Responsible Gaming, and ran the day-to-day operations for each. During her 18-year tenure, she diversified revenues by creating an international trade show and conference and raised more than $25 million through multi-year corporate contributions, special events and conference revenues. She developed corporate social responsibility programs for diversity, volunteerism and environmental sustainability that became hallmarks of the industry. Prior to joining the AGA, Judy served as special assistant to the president of the American Bar Association (ABA), where she developed public-private partnerships to build and sustain support for justice system improvements. She also served the ABA as director of the Public Liaison Office. Judy also served as circulation director of The Washingtonian Magazine, co-developed a monthly newspaper for the information industry, and was a teacher of the deaf.

Judy has a passion and dedication to women’s issues. Most recently, she served as a managing partner of Aspire Ascend, LLC, a professional services firm dedicated to advancing women’s achievement by creating and implementing workplace strategies for retaining and promoting women. She also founded an industry organization called Global Gaming Women to empower women and increase opportunities worldwide in management, executive, and board positions. She developed a first-of-its-kind online mentoring program and created a scholarship program to advance educational opportunities. She also grew the organization to more than 1,000 women worldwide in less than two years.  Judy is known for her ability to connect with diverse constituencies to build trust and respect and has a talent for solving entrenched and complex problems.

Judy is a graduate of Georgetown Law School and a member of the D.C. Bar Association. She holds a Master in Education from Boston University. She is an active member of the Washington, DC Chapter of the International Women’s Forum and is Treasurer of the Washington Independent Review of Books. She is a volunteer domestic violence attorney for the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project. Judy lives in Washington, DC and is the proud parent of two adult children.  She is an avid reader, theater-goer and pet-lover.

Kristine Ringler

Fellowship Program Director

Kristine is the Women Veterans Fellowship in Public Policy and Leadership Program Director at SWAN. She has worked with the U.S. Army for 13 years and has served as a Civil Affairs soldier with deployments to Iraq and Kosovo. She has also served as a cultural advisor to the Army in Northern Iraq and as a Trainer at Ft. Leavenworth preparing teams for Iraq and Afghanistan. Kristine later went on to be an instructor for USAID/DAI and traveled throughout Afghanistan training Afghans, U.S. and NATO forces on a program management tool. She currently works at West Point as a research consultant for an African Environmental Stability Project and serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Veteran’s Yoga Project. While working at West Point, she was part of the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Minerva Research Initiative, where she helped establish a research fellowship program, and now works as a research consultant for an African Environmental Stability Project. She has also worked tirelessly overseas to better understand the perspectives of vulnerable populations and bring that message back to those making decisions. As Program Director of SWAN’s pilot Fellowship program, Kristine’s aim is to incorporate best practices for successful outcomes. Her hope is to see follow on programs in the future so that more women veterans have the opportunity to learn how they can be a voice for change. Kristine holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and Bachelors in Mass Communications from North Dakota State University.