Via @nprnews: On The California Shore, Sizing Up Female #Marines' Combat Readiness
First female #WestPoint graduate reflects on historic anniversary
Rate of sexual asslt & harassment in #CoastGuard is significantly lower than other services: new #RAND report
#SECNAV: #SEALs should open to women under fair standards via @navytimes
Listen via @nprnews: Women Fight Their Way Through #Army's Grueling #Ranger School
As #MarineCorps tests viability of #womenincombat roles, some have already joined the ranks
#DOD seeks right standards, policies for #womenincombat
#Navy Sec Mabus: 1 in 4 #Marine recruits should be women via @marinetimes
A band of sisters on the Special Ops battlefield
Wife, mother, Purple Heart recipient tries to break down barriers #womenincombat
#AirForce testing gender-neutral standards in San Antonio #womenincombat via @airforcetimes
.@SenatorShaheen: We must provide better access to contraception to #women in the #military: via @TIMEIdeas
How we're failing our female #veterans: from ill-fitting equipment to ill-equipped #VA system, we must do better
Announcing the SWAN 2015 Women Veterans in Leadership and Policy Fellows #constantcontact
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA SVCs will have to be in the room with #MilitarySexualAssault survivors during questioning by investigators
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA requires #SecDef to look at feasibility of providing SVCs to civilian survivors of servicemember assault
Lawmakers Back Broader Access to Contraceptives for Women in the #Military #NDAA
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA would allow SVC’s to provide survivors w/ more legal services ie. criminal & congressional proceedings
Rep @nikiinthehouse adds provision to #NDAA that would establish comprehensive breastfeeding policy
#Army’s all-women special ops teams: cemented the importance of putting women in forward-deployed #military roles
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA includes prohibition on retaliation against Special Victims’ Counsels (SVCs)for effectively representing their clients
Experiment tests #womenwarriors at tip of the spear, will help Pentagon decide whether women can fight on front lines
ICYMI 2016 #NDAA will improve servicewomen's #birthcontrol access:
More than a dozen provisions in 2016 #NDAA address #MilitarySexualAssault and #ReproductiveRights for #Servicewomen. ICYMI SWAN recaps…
.@SenGillibrand vows to add sexual assault proposal to defense bill
#Womenincombat: Test failures raise questions about how many can succeed via @washtimes
Insults to injury: #Military sexual assault victims endure retaliation
Ex-airman says reporting sex assault sparked trouble; "clearly a leadership failure" says SWAN's @gregjacob01
#Congress presses #military to design special line of combat boots for women via @washtimes
Canadian military looks to US counterpart on dealing w/ sexual misconduct, SWAN's @gregjacob01 spoke with The Citizen
Defence policy: America’s Amazons #womenincombat via @TheEconomist
US #Military's Sexual Assault Problem is So Bad the #UN Is Getting Involved
RT @gregjacob01: Marines Take Coed Living in Stride; the latest from @HopeSeck on the @USMC #GCEITF #WomenInCombat @…
#Military sexual assault claims buried in latest #SAPRO report: only 1 in 20 lead to jail time
RT @gregjacob01: Thoughts are with the passengers and crew of #Amtrak188. @servicewomen staff frequently ride the DC-NY route, fortunately …
All-female #Marine grunt teams get innovative during combat tests: Part One in series via @armytimes
Stop Assaults on #Military Campuses: OpEd by Yale law students interning at the #Veterans Legal Services Clinic.
Our Women Veterans Fellowship in Leadership & Public Policy is approaching quickly, but there's still time to apply!
RT @gregjacob01: .@usairforce audit shows majority of #SARCs and #VAs untrained, lacking required background check.…
OPINION: Protecting against assault, improvements are overshadowed by 62% of women who said they faced retaliation
RT @womenjustice: Read @servicewomen & @womenjustice's report on US military sexual violence, informing UN human rights review of US: http:…
New #JointChiefs of Staff chairman Joseph Dunford to make call on #womenincombat
All remaining female soldiers fail #Ranger School's 'Darby Phase,' can attempt again
RT @gaylelemmon: #AshleysWar in @Militarydotcom "Special Ops Leaders Praise Women's Role in Ranger Raids"
@_GaelEB Thank you Gael!!
#DACOWITS conduct focus groups at Fort Campbell examining issues service women face
#AirForce announces first female F-35 pilot
Opinion: The #Pentagon should drop the ban on women in combat units – no exceptions
#Military sex assault numbers would double if civilian victims were counted, @SenGillibrand report says
Bill would up protections for #military whistleblowers who 'bravely speak out about wrongdoing or misconduct'
Breaking #military's ultimate glass ceiling? Women start #Ranger training
Why physical standards still dog the fight about #womenincombat units
#Pentagon accused of withholding info on sex crimes: "I don't think military is being honest," says @SenGillibrand
#Navy #SEALs see no barrier to women in combat ranks via @washtimes
Few Military Women Seek Care After Sexual Assault: Study via @usnews
Little progress made in countering perceptions of retaliation in sexual assault reporting
RT @DeptofDefense: #SecDef: Our commitment to stopping sexual assault will never cease.
Statement from SWAN interim executive director Erica Hunt in response to Pentagon SAPRO sexual assault survey results
Inside #Army Ranger School With First Female Soldiers #womenincombat via @ABC
.@RepSpeier Passes 11 Military Sexual Assault Amendments in the #FY16NDAA
RT @nikiinthehouse: Annual defense bill includes my bill w/ @RepMikeTurner to support #MST survivors #FY16NDAA @HASCDemocrats…
RT @gregjacob01: .@servicewomen supported #military whistleblower protection bill introduced by @SenatorBoxer today.
Women in special operations: Female troops detail their time in combat
It's still not too late to become a fellow! Women #Veterans #Fellowship in Leadership & Public Policy info here:
#DoD Official Provides Update on #Combat Jobs for Women
#Obama Urged to Add Sex Assault Protections at #Military Academies via InsideHigherEd
Activists call for stiffer internal oversight of #military academy sex assault cases #SAAM
w/ proposed EO "POTUS could increase accountability & transparency at our Service Academies" says SWAN's @gregjacob01
How SWAN Is Tackling Sexual Assault In #Military Service Academies via @HuffPostLive
RT @starsandstripes: Group urges @DOD_IG oversight of #military service academy sex assaults: @servicewomen by @Trav
RT @WIIS_Global: Watch live event of "Women in Combat: Where They Stand" now at
SWAN delivers proposed executive order to #WhiteHouse for protections at #Military Service Academies
RT @nikiinthehouse: "status quo is simply unacceptable” - Read about my new bill w @RepMikeTurner to combat #MST - the SUPPORT Act: http://…
Decisions loom after #Marine infantry officer experiment ends #womenincombat via @marinetimes
Eight women finish first week of US #Army #Ranger test
Judge Won't Dismiss Sex Claims Against #WestPoint, former cadet can move forward with her lawsuit via @ABC
RT @ArielaMigdal: Shifting Deadlines, Shifty Numbers: The Pentagon’s Messy Process for Removing the Ban on Women in Combat…
#Senate passes amendment closing #military sex offender loophole via @DenverChannel
Ashton Carter: ‘Maybe’ all #combat jobs will be open to women in January via @washtimes
Secretary #AshCarter to Troops: I Need You to Say ‘Enough’ to Sexual Assault via @defenseone
#AirForce to begin tests to open combat jobs to women via @airforcetimes
#AirForce begins testing phase for #womenincombat roles, working to open the last 1 percent
RT @gregjacob01: TODAY: At the #Senate Veteran Affairs Cmte hearing on women #veterans health care Panel1: VA officials Panel 2: VSOs and …
#FortBragg has several resources for victims of sexual assault
#SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth: Survivor’s experience brings message home, emphasized importance of changing culture
Voices: Integrating women into #combat units via @usatoday
#Army Shows Women No Slack at Elite #Ranger Qualifiers via @defenseone
Aberdeen Proving Ground opens sex assault center; but it's only one half of the equation says SWAN's @gregjacob01
It's not too late to become a fellow! Women #Veterans #Fellowship in Leadership & Public Policy info here:
Meet the women helping the #Army as #Ranger School takes on female soldiers #womenincombat
McCaskill-Backed Bill Would Open up Disability Benefits for Survivors of #Military Sexual Assault @clairecmc
Inside the #Army's effort to train and assess women for #Ranger School #womenincombat
Marin #military sexual trauma survivor to lobby #Congress #passMJIA via @marinij
#Transgender in the #military: A #Pentagon in transition weighs its policy

A Military Victim Advocate Talks about Lauren

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