Act Now to End the Unfair VA Benefits Policy For Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Current VA policy discriminates against veterans who file benefits claims for mental health injuries due to military rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment. SWAN has helped introduce legislation to change this policy and ensure that all veterans receive the benefits they deserve. We urge you to RAISE YOUR VOICE and demand that the VA treat Military Sexual Trauma survivors with dignity and fairness.

Below, you will find contact information for the three officials who matter the most on this issue: Representative Jeff Miller, Senator Patty Murray and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. We need you to contact them NOW.

SWAN has provided you with a sample letter tailored to each official. These three letters cover the key points for each official to make a difference in the lives of veterans who have filed Military Sexual Trauma claims. You have several options:

  • Send the letters by snail mail by clicking on the letter thumbnails below, downloading the letter and adding your name. Then print, sign, and mail them to the appropriate addresses.
  • E-mail these officials by clicking on their names below, then cut and paste your letters into their website contact forms.
  • Call their offices using the numbers below and demand that they take immediate action on Military Sexual Trauma claims.

Raise Your Voice Now!

Representative Jeff Miller
Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Web Contact Form
Senator Patty Murray
Chairman, Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee

Web Contact Form
Secretary Eric Shinseki
Secretary, Department of Veterans’ Affairs

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